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In 2006, I gave myself a challenge to develop and design a blog from scratch that is similar to Wordpress and Blogger standards. Since then Alex's World has been read by thousands of readers. Although the overall structural design has not changed much over the years, the design and content management have been updated to align the blog with it's objectives.

Alex's World has always been about the perspectives of things, adventures and the surroundings I am located, from a Singaporean's point of view. Initially, it started with happenings in Leeds and my food, then it evolved into Manchester, my food adventures and travelling adventures when I moved to Manchester. Now it has expanded and evolved into its current state. Alex's World is constantly evolving to adjust itself to be in line with Alex's surroundings and the evolution of social implications.

The current objectives of Alex's World are as follow:

Articles in this category will be related to the photographs I have taken for a purpose/event or photographs that I want to share that are in line with photography activities. I will also be discussing about the current photography technologies that I would like the input from my readers.
Bicycles' Design & Technologies
Discussion about techniques of restoring or repairing parts of a bicycle. At times I will also be posting interesting engineering and design advancement of bicycles.
Travelling & Events
This category allows me to document my travel adventures and interesting events that I would like to share with my readers.
Food adventures
From time to time, I would like to experiment new cooking methods and I would like to share them. Or it could also be another great place I have found with good food.

You can see the evolution of Alex's World's design milestones from the blog's design milestones page, as well as Alex's World's objectives milestones from the blog's objectives milestones page.