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Green Car at Manchester Urban Gardening Festival 2013

Let's start growing grass on our cars! lol... Opps! Smiley

The Manchester Urban Gardening Festival is currently on between 3 and 11 August 2013. If you are around the region, I would recommend this event. Below is a photo of a flower made of balloons in New Cathedral Street, followed by flowers on sale at the festival in Exchange Square.

Manchester Urban Gardening Festival 2013 Balloon Flower

Manchester Urban Gardening Festival 2013 Flowers

Save My Chili Plants!

Chili Plant Sick Leaves

SOS! I need some gardening tips - HELP!

Slightly longer than 6 months ago I successfully germinated some chili seeds. Of 7 seeds, only 2 chili/pepper plants survived through winter indoors. However, now winter has come and gone, and summer is coming, I've spotted some black coloured flies flying around everytime I water the plants. I see them especially when I spray the leaves with water.

Chili Plant Sick Leaves

Last month one of my chili plant leaves started shed all it's leaves. This made me very worried and I started to searched around for the reasons and how I can help it. The first thing that popped up was aphids. So I tried praying water mixed with brewed garlic, that chased the black flies away for awhile, but now the other chili plant started to exhibit the same problem... and OMG! The black coloured flies are back!

Anyone know what else I can do to help my sick plants?