Confusing Signs At Tram Stations

Signs at Metrolink tram stations

Can you decipher these signs on the notice board at Metrolink tram stations in Manchester?

To me these signs are very confusing and they can be interpreted in 2 ways:

  1. Both wheelchair users and prams should race to the boarding point?
  2. If the arrows in the signs represent the direction users of wheelchair and prams should head, then explain the next photo.

Conflicting signs

Either way, I'm confused. Err... prams and wheelchair users should get out of the trams so that others can board? Please don't read this the wrong way; I'm not against prams or wheelchair users. I'm just trying to interpret the signs here. I would like to hear what are your interpretations?

How difficult is it to keep in the bike lane?

I guess quite difficult and impractical! Opps! Smiley

Prawn Noodles Soup?

Prawns, Noodles and Vegetable Soup

Do you know what is this dish? Here's some clues, it has prawns, noodles, and some vegetables in a special type of soup. It can only be found near Chinatown in Singapore. Do you know what is it? Very Happy Smiley hahaha...

Wired Or Wireless?

Image of WiFi logo and RJ45 cables

The Web has become an essential to our daily life in today's world. More and more are connecting to the Internet either wireless or through a cable from a computer. So what type of Internet users are you? Do you prefer to connect to the Internet via a cable or wireless?

Recent years saw an outburst of WiFi zones/spots all over the world, making Internet ready available for all. A town in Britain has also began a free wireless scheme to its entire population. In Singapore, the government provides free WiFi in most public places. So how has WiFi caught up with your method of connecting to the Internet? I must confess, I still prefer connecting to the Internet via a cable. That's because it is more stable and faster, though you have more freedom with wireless.

Merc Vs. Bollards

The photo above shows a Mercedes-Benz crush by the automated bollards on Cross Street in Manchester. This stretch of road is between Manchester Arndale and the Royal Exchange. So when it comes to Mercedes-Benz verses the bollards. The Bollards wins OK?! haha... PROVEN!!!

I wonder who should bare the cost of this accident. I think this will be a though one to call. The impact of the accident is from the underneath, and there are signs before the bollards that explains its operational times. So I wonder will the insurance company cover this? Or should the city council bare it? The car looks very new, in fact I think it is one of Mercedes-Benz latest design, but its stead suggest it is ready for scraping. My guess is the owner has to bare it all. What is yours?

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