Pride Day 2013

Pride Day 2013 highlights

Last Saturday (24 August 2013), Manchester was greeted with Pride Day 2013. Pride parades, for the LGBT community, celebrate the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) culture in Manchester.

Pride Day 2013 - George House Trust

Interesting to see the variations of floats on parade that day. Below are more highlights of the parade.

Pride Day 2013 - Christians and Pride

Pride Day 2013 - Goth

What Do Shopkeepers Wish For?

Chinese new year is around the corner and many are out shopping. The photo below was what I've found on the counter of the cashier; A request from the shop owner.

2009 New Years Eve Celebrations

Fireworks display at Manchester Arndale

Happy New Year!
May this year be a better one for everyone of us. Happy Smiley

Fireworks display at Manchester Arndale

These photos were taken during the New Year's Eve 2009 celebration in front of Manchester Arndale and next to the Manchester Wheel. Fireworks were let off with accordance with the music at count down.

Last Minute Christmas Shopping?

Manchester Piccadilly

Are you done with your Christmas shopping already? These people sure are getting some last minute stuff. I wonder if this is due to the bad weather, or are we getting busier/lazier, or is it cheaper to leave it till last minute?

Merry Christmas to all of you. Happy Smiley Ho Ho Ho...!

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Happy Mother's Day!

Hello Mum! Happy Mother's Day! I hope you have received my Mother's Day gift on time. I've posted this since last week, praying that it will reach you in time. Anyway, if it still have not arrive; since I have not heard anything from you, this was what I have sent to you. I hope you will like it.

By the way, this idea was suggested at Zakka Life, and I've borrowed it. Thanks Jessica! Let me know how I fair if you happened to read this post. Many thanks for the wonderful ideas you have always blogged about.