Choosing Budget and Portable Audio Recording Setup for Your Travel Videos

I am out looking for budget audio recording setup for my home and holiday trips video production. In this post, I will discuss the options available during my hunt.

Have you ever recorded your traveling videos that you can’t really hear what the person is saying? If you have, and you want cheap and simple solutions, and you do not want to carry so many equipment around; Why not join me in my hunt for video-audio solutions?

After researching around, I found that the best options lies in external microphones/recorders. These options mainly fall into 2 categories, external microphones or audio recorders. Most of these recommendations surround film or YouTube type of productions. However, capturing travel video is not quite the same.

No to Boom pole setup

When traveling, I prefer to travel light: this means as little equipment as possible. Secondly, unlike film or YouTube like productions, often, you only have one shot at the scene. If you mess it up, that’s it! Thirdly, you do not have much space around you to work with, and often, in unfavourable conditions. Fourthly, I don’t want to be discrete. Therefore, in my setup, I am intending to use the camera’s on-board microphone together with some portable audio recording device. That way, I can use the portable audio recording device to record the subject’s voice clearly, while my camera’s on-board microphone can capture the sounds from the surrounding atmosphere. Then, I will have the audio choices during post-processing.

In the near future, I will post another article with the available equipment in the market for my setup. I intend compare the equipment there.

I would like to hear your views on my video-audio setup. If you are already using this setup, please let me know your experience. Also, if you noticed that I have missed out any challenges that you faced when shooting your travel videos, please post them below and we can discuss about them too.

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