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Cyclist Beats World Record Top Speed
Language Settings in Microsoft Office

This may sounds straight forward and trivial, but think again. I tried changing my dictionary settings in my Microsoft Office for Word, Power Point and Excel. Because this is not something you will do everyday, it took me 2 hours figure it out! That's why I've decided to blog about it for future reference and for all of your who needs it.

For Word, Power Point or Excel:

  1. Highlight the text affected
  2. Select "Tools" from the menu bar.
  3. Under "Tools", select "Language"
  4. Mark selected text as: select "English (United Kingdom)"
  5. Select "Default"
  6. Accept the warning that it will affect this presentation and all future presentations. (which it obviously does not.
  7. Click on "OK"
  8. Exit and save document and reopen

3D Television - Any Good?

Recently in the electronic consumers market, I realised 3D televisions seems to become more popular. I have to confess that I am not a fan of 3D television, but I do enjoy a good 3D movie. However, if you ask me to get a 3D television, currently I will say NO. Although 3D shows does give me that little more entertainment, but requiring me to wear that 3D glasses every time I want to watch a show is not practical and inconvenient. In short, I am lazy to wear the 3D glasses. reported that from their recent survey, 57% would watch more 3D movies if they did not have to wear 3D glasses. So I'm glad I'm not the odd one out. Very Happy Smiley

I'm conducting a poll below to see how many of you will be interested to get a 3D television if money and space is not an issue, or may be you already have one.

Cool Bicycle Designs

Montague Folding Bike

I think the Montague folding bikes are cool and stylish. Surprise I was, when I saw this guy setting up his all white Montague SWISSBIKE X series folding bike during my trip to Shanghai, China! Since we are talking about bikes, I would take this opportunity to blog about the Lunartic Hubless Wheel bike.

I came across Lunartic Hubless Wheel bike while browsing for cool bikes. This is a hub-less rear wheel bicycle designed across the Atlantic, in England, at Loughborough University. At the moment, I would really like to see this bike being taken into production. You can have a look at the prototype of the bicycle in the video below.

Who's KING of Browser?

Browser Pie Chart

Recently I did a compilation of my blog's user statistics to investigate the type of Web users visited my blog. These records were taken between 19 July 2010 and 12 Nov 2010, a snapshot of the last 4 months. The percentages of the types of browsers my visitors use include Microsoft IE (55.19%), Firefox (28.63%), Safari (8.61%), Google Chrome (6.85%), Opera (0.62%), and others (0.10%). Noting that I mainly, interchangeably use Firefox and Safari, so from the data it gives a good reflection of my actual users.

After all the hype about Web browsers wars between Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft IE; which many "tech savvy" users can witness, the data presented here still shows that Microsoft IE is still much ahead than the rest. Though I not saying that their users rate have not fallen, but much of the users of the Web still trust and believe in them.

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